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The Waid Academy

OCC (Department of Additional Support)

The OCC is a positive, safe and enjoyable learning environment, were we cover the curriculum from BGE to National levels. We have two classrooms, a junior and senior phase. The junior class will continue to engage with BGE curriculum developing skills in literacy, numeracy as well as exploring new subjects to expand their knowledge. 

Pupils, voice is very important and varies to how we use it for example, in maths we give the pupils a choice of which topic they would like to learn about first, meanwhile in history, they are asked about what topic they would like to learn about. The senior class will be working towards their qualifications in Literacy, Numeracy, Science, P.E and Home Economics. While we have access to 2 classrooms we will often bring the classes together to teach the same concept and differentiate to meet all our learners needs, this also gives some of the senior pupils a leadership opportunity and challenges for some of the junior pupils. We also have access to a kitchen where the pupils develop life skills like washing dishes, doing laundry and ironing. We also access the library on a fortnightly basis to chose books at our level and genres we enjoy to read during soft starts and breaks throughout the day.

The OCC pupils are also timetabled for individual classes within mainstream classes throughout the week. In drama, they are increasing their confidence and communication while learning about acting and stage directions. In technologies, they have been creating wonderful pieces of work from wooden mice to Christmas tealight holders as well as using a variety of new equipment and understanding the importance of safety in the workshop.  In Art, they have been using their fine motor skills to make quilling art and they have been learning about artists like Vincent Van Gogh to use as inspiration for their own paintings. Finally, in Music, the pupils have been using a variety of instruments from keyboards to ukuleles, as well as, learning about using and creating digital music.

We pride ourselves on the importance of health and wellbeing in the classroom. Each class is timetabled for 2 periods of P.E a week and walks are common during the day to give the pupils movement breaks. The OCC is a very caring place not just provided by the staff but by the pupils themselves, using skills they have learned in PSHE to support each other and themselves. Pupils are also able to speak to any member of staff with anything they need extra support with, whether this be academic or emotional.