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What is the S2 CEM Assessment?

You may have heard about the S2 CEM Assessment. These assessments usually take place during an assessment window.

This is a one-off assessment that will be conducted online. The information gathered from this assessment will be used to help measure progression in learning and support future learning as your child moves into S3. The attached information will give you more information about the process. It also details when each class will complete the process.

This is an adaptive assessment and is not something to worry about. The assessment will cover vocabulary, maths, and practical reasoning such as speed and accuracy. Learners have been advised that there is nothing they can do to prepare for the assessment and that they are not to worry about it but try their best. 
If a child is entitled to additional support, such as a reader, then this will be given to them for the assessment, but this may mean that they sit it later date. 

s2 cem assessment information.pdf