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The Waid Academy

Vaping Guidance

Young people are particularly vulnerable to nicotine addiction, and vaping can become a pathway to smoking tobacco.

ParentClub.scot have developed online content to support parents or carers of young people, who are concerned about vaping, by providing information and support on the risks of vaping.


· The Parent Club 'Information and facts about vaping' webpage:


· Parent Club's video guide on talking to your child about vaping:


· BSL messaging video:



Key messages:

· Vapes can contain nicotine and may quickly become harmfully addictive to children and young people.

· Nicotine addiction can impact young people’s mental health, making then tired, stressed, and anxious.

· Nicotine addiction can affect young people’s concentration and impact their ability to learn and study.

· E-cigarettes contain some potentially harmful chemicals, including those found in cigarette smoke, although at a much lower level.

· Help young people understand the risks of vaping by sharing the information from these resources with them.


fact sheet for parents vaping addiction campaign.pdf

leaflet for parents vaping addiction campaign.pdf