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Didbook Progress and Report System

This session we have launched a new reporting and tracking system in school. This will allow you to access your childs reports online. You will have received an email with your log in details. If not please get in touch with the school. 
Your username will be the email of the first contact that we hold on our system for you. 
Once you have set up your password you will be able to log into the system at this address (please save it as a favourite) : 
Below is a guide for you on how to access the system, what the email look like that you will receive in the next few days and also about what is contained within the reports. 
We hope this system helps to ensure all parents/carers, learners and teachers are fully aware of progress in learning to support all learners to achieve their best throughout their time here at The Waid Academy. 

parents guide to didbook and reporting.pdf