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The Waid Academy

National 5 Mathematics

National 5 Mathematics


Course Content 

The topics covered extend the National 4 syllabus in the same broad units of work:


  • Expressions and Formulae 

This unit looks at building pupils’ algebraic and geometric knowledge. Pupils will learn to manipulate and factorise algebraic expressions and fractions; use surds and apply the laws of indices; find the gradient straight lines graphs; and determine the area 2D shapes and the volume of 3D objects.


  • Relationships 

This unit looks at deepening the knowledge and skills from the previous unit. Here students will work with linear equations and learn to solve equations simultaneously; explore quadratic equations and graphs; advance their trigonometric skills to graphs and identities; and apply the properties of shapes and similarity.


  • Applications 

This unit extends students geometric thinking and numerical skills. Pupils will look at using vector notation and working with bearings; applying trigonometric skills to triangles which do not have a right angle and knowing the sine and cosine rules; fraction arithmetic and percentages calculations in contexts; determine standard deviation of data and make comparisons between data sets.



Formal structured homework tasks that are familiar from our BGE curriculum will be customary throughout the course to consolidate the learning in the class. There will also be an expectation for learners to access the online resources from home to reflect on each lesson and help prepare for the assessments throughout the course.



This course has a final exam during the SQA diet consisting of a non-calculator paper and a calculator paper. The pupil’s overall grade from A to D is awarded based on their performance in this final exam.