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The Waid Academy

National 5 Dance 

There are three parts to the National 5 Course:


  1. Technical Skills
  2. Choreography
  3. Question Paper


Technical Skills


Candidates will learn to apply technical dance skills in two contrasting dance styles by:


  1. Demonstrating the technical skills and fundamental principles of two contrasting dance styles.
  2. Performing two tutor-choreographed dance sequences in contrasting dance styles.
  3. Applying knowledge of safe dance practice when demonstrating technical dance skills.
  4. Evaluating technical dance skills in own and another’s work


They will further learn to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a selected dance style by:


  1. Describing the technical skills and characteristics of the selected dance style
  2. Explaining the development of the selected dance style



Final Technical Assessment (35% of overall grade)

  • A single technical taught solo dance performed to an examiner and the class teacher.  Candidates will be assessed on their appropriate technique and performance skills.




Candidates will be expected to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a range of choreographic principles by:


  1. Demonstrating knowledge of theme and stimulus and, appropriate to a dance for two people, choreographic structures, devices and special patterns.
  2. Explaining the impact of theatre arts n choreography.
  3. Evaluating the impact of choreographic principles used in dance.


They will then learn to apply choreographic principles to create a piece of choreography. They will do this by:


  1. Investigating a chosen theme or stimulus.
  2. Planning a short choreography for two people using a range of appropriate choreographic devices and structure.
  3. Developing and presenting the short choreography for two people.
  4. Evaluating the choreographed dance.


Final Choreography Assessment: (45% of overall grade)


Section 1 – Choreography (35marks)

Section 2 – Choreography Review (30marks)


Question Paper

The question paper is set and marked by SQA and will be completed under exam conditions. Candidates will be given one hour to complete the question paper.  It is marked out of 30 and therefore is 20% of the overall course award.



All black, fitted clothing must be worn (preferably leggings and a leotard or vest top).  No socks permitted during the contemporary section, bare feet or ballet shoes only.  Jazz shoes or bare feet are acceptable for jazz.  You must be dedicated and prepared to work hard. Current dance training is essential.