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National 5 Business Management



Course Description

The purpose of the Course is to highlight ways in which organisations operate and the steps they take to achieve their goals. This purpose will be achieved through combining practical and theoretical aspects of business learning through the use of real-life business contexts. The skills, knowledge and understanding gained are embedded in current business practice and theory, and reflect the integrated nature of organisations, their functions, and their decision making process.

The Course aims to enable learners to develop:

·         knowledge and understanding of the ways in which society relies on business to satisfy our needs

·         an insight into the systems organisations use to ensure customers’ needs are met

·         enterprising skills and attributes by providing them with opportunities to explore realistic business situations

·         financial awareness through a business context

·         an insight into how organisations organise their resources for maximum efficiency and improve their overall performance

·         an awareness of how external influences impact on organisations

Course Structure

The Business Management course consists of 3 units;

Understanding Business

In this Unit, learners will be introduced to the business environment. It introduces learners to the main activities associated with businesses and other organisations

Management of People and Finance

In this Unit, learners will develop skills, knowledge and understanding relating to the internal issues facing organisations in the management of people and finance

Management of Marketing and Operations

in this Unit, learners will develop skills, knowledge and understanding relating to the importance to organisations of having effective marketing and operations systems

Course Assessment

To gain the award of the Course, a learner must pass all of the Units as well as the Course assessments which are shown below

National 4 - Assignment

National 5 – Question Paper (90 marks) Assignment (30 marks)

At National 4 level the Course assessment will be used to determine a “pass” or “fail”, at National 5 the Course assessment is graded A–D with a learner’s overall grade determined by their performance across the Course assessments.