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National 5 Art and Design


Looking ahead to National 4 and 5

National Qualifications in Art and Design provide learners with a broad, practical experience of art and design practice and related critical activities.

Learners develop practical skills as they explore how to visually represent and communicate their thoughts and ideas through their work, and study the works of artists and designers.

A level of commitment is expected at certificate level. Pupils who have passed National 4 in S4 will normally prepare for presentation at National 5 level in S5, though it is important to note that pupils who have struggled to meet deadlines or complete tasks in class or as homework must urgently discuss their suitability for taking Art & Design on into S5 with their teacher.


Subject: Art & Design 

National Qualifications - Courses in Art & Design – Aims and Course Structure

Art & Design is a vibrant and successful department where students regularly do well. These courses will enable you to research and develop visual ideas for 2D & 3D Design and Expressive projects using a variety of practical skills and techniques as well as developing your analytical and evaluative abilities in relation to your own and others work.



National 3 SCQF Level 3

National 4 SCQF Level 4

National 5 SCQF Level 5

The course has two

mandatory Units



Art and Design: Expressive

Activity (N 3)


Art and Design: Design


(N 3)






The course has three mandatory

Units including an added value unit:


Art and Design: Expressive Activity

(N 4)


Art and Design: Design Activity

(N 4)


Added Value Unit

Art and Design Practical Activity (N4)



The course has three components.


Component 1: questions paper 50 marks /20%


Component 2 : Expressive Portfolio 100 marks /40%


Component 3 : Design Portfolio 100marks/40%


Pass Grades A-C*