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National 5 Applications of Mathematics

National 5 Applications of Mathematics


Course Content 

The topics covered extend the National 4 applications of mathematics syllabus in geometry and measures, managing finance and statistics, and in numeracy. This course does not contain much algebra, and focuses instead on interpreting and explaining decisions with mathematical reasoning.


  • Geometry and Measures 

This unit looks at developing students geometric and measurement skills. Pupils will investigate situations using perimeter, area and volume; construct scale diagrams and applying Pythagoras’ theorem; and look at problems using time management, order of precedence and efficiency.


  • Managing Finance and Statistics 

This unit looks at developing students understanding of personal finance and comparing statistical data. Pupils will look at budgeting for events or personal use; investigate factors affecting income and savings; working out best deals and converting currencies; and develop their interpretation and construction of graphs and charts.


  • Numeracy 

This unit looks at developing pupils’ ability to carry out number processes and calculations. Pupils will look at using fractions, decimals and percentages; develop an understanding of speed and time; making decisions based on data analysis and probability.



This course has a final exam during the SQA diet consisting of a non-calculator paper and a calculator paper. The pupil’s overall grade from A to D is awarded based on their performance in this final exam.