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National 4 Modern Studies

National 4 and 5 Modern Studies

Nationals 4 & 5 Modern Studies focus on local, Scottish, British, and International Contexts.  Learners will also have to develop an awareness of the social and political issues they will meet in their lives. 


The course has three mandatory units, and an external course assessment:


Unit 1:  Democracy in Scotland and the United Kingdom: Option 1: Scotland


  • Power and Decision making
  • Participation
  • Influence
  • Representation
  • Voting Systems


Unit 2:  Social Issues in the United Kingdom: Crime and the Law in Scotland and the UK.


  • Nature of Crime
  • Causes of Crime
  • Consequences of Crime
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Responses to Crime


Unit 3: International Issues: Option 2: World Issue: Terrorism


  • Causes of the Issue
  • Consequences of the Issue
  • Attempts to resolve the Issue


How will you be assessed?


National 4 Modern Studies is not graded, and to achieve a pass you must complete three Unit Assessments (one for each context) and an Added Value Unit on a topic of your choice.