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The Waid Academy

National 4 Mathematics

National 4 Mathematics


Course Content 

The three units of the National 4 mathematics syllabus are:


  • Expressions and Formulae

This unit looks at building the foundation of students algebraic, geometric and statistic skills. Pupils will learn to simplify and manipulate simple algebraic expressions; apply and use formulae for the area of 2D shapes and the volume of 3D objects; construct and interpret common statistical diagrams; and make decisions based on averages and probabilities.


  • Relationships 

This unit looks at building on and deepening the knowledge and skills from the previous unit. Here students will learn how to apply Pythagoras’ theorem and trigonometry; investigate the relationship between quantities using scatter-graphs; handle solving equations and study linear patterns; use scale factors and look at further properties of angles and shapes.


  • Numeracy

This unit looks at developing pupils’ fundamental number processes and calculations. Pupils will look at using fractions, decimals and percentages; develop an understanding of speed and time; make decisions based on simple data analysis and probability.



Candidates are assessed in these three units, and must then pass a final added-value assessment (held internally) in order to obtain a pass.