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National 4 Drama

National 4 and 5 Drama


National 4 and 5 Drama provides opportunities for learners to develop skills creating and presenting drama. This Course focuses on the development and use of a range of drama skills and production skills to present drama. This Course is practical and experiential. 


Course Structure


Drama Skills: 


This aim of this unit is to provide learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding to create and present drama through the use of a range of drama skills. Learners will respond to stimuli, including text, generate ideas and use a range of drama skills to portray character.


Production Skills:


The aim of this unit is to provide learners with knowledge and understanding of a range of production skills. They will use these skills to enhance drama when presenting. Learners will work with others to develop a performance concept as an actor or in a production role.


Performance: (National 4)


This is the Added Value Unit in the National 4 Drama Course. The aim of this Unit is to enable the learner to provide evidence of added value for the National 4 Drama Course through the successful completion of a performance which will allow the learner to demonstrate application and challenge. Learners who complete this Unit will be able to prepare for, participate in and reflect on a small-scale drama performance in a selected role. 


Course Assessment: (National 5)


Practical assessment 60%

Question Paper 40%


Practical assessment can be in acting or design. 


Learners will complete two parts based on work complete throughout the course.