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National 4 Applications of Mathematics

National 4 Applications of Mathematics


This course aims to motivate and challenge learners by enabling them to think through real-life situations involving mathematics and to form a plan of action based on logic. Pupils will experience contexts from budgeting and personal finance to interpreting graphs and decision making based on probability.


The three units covered are:


  • Geometry and Measures


This unit looks at developing pupils’ geometric and measurement skills. Pupils will investigate situations using perimeter, area and volume; construct scale diagrams and plan basic navigation courses; and look at problems using time management and container packing.


  • Managing Finance and Statistics


This unit looks at developing pupils’ understanding of personal finance and comparing statistical data. Students will look at budgeting for events or personal use; investigate factors affecting income and savings; and develop their interpretation and construction of graphs and charts.


  • Numeracy


This unit looks at developing pupils’ fundamental number processes and calculations. Pupils will look at using fractions, decimals and percentages; develop an understanding of speed and time; make decisions based on simple data analysis and probability.




Candidates are assessed in these three units, and must then pass a final added-value assessment (held internally) in order to obtain a pass. This course does not contain much algebra, and focuses instead on interpreting and explaining decisions with mathematical reasoning.


National 3 Applications of Mathematics follows similar course content at a lower level of difficulty, and does not involve a final overall added-value assessment.