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National 3-5 PE



Performance: to develop and demonstrate with some consistency a broad and range of complex skills in challenging performance contexts. (N5)

Theory: Learners must develop the knowledge and understanding required to analyse their performance. They must make appropriate decisions which lead to improvements in their physical, emotional, mental or social abilities through completion of a performance development programme. (N3-N5)

Theory Overview

Learners develop knowledge and understanding of mental, emotional, social and physical factors that impact on personal performance in physical activities. Through collecting information, learners consider how these factors can influence effectiveness in performance. They develop knowledge and understanding of a range of approaches for enhancing performance. Learners select and apply these approaches to factors that impact on their personal performance. Learners create and implement Personal Development Plans (PDPs), modify these, and justify decisions relating to future personal development needs.



Assess the learners’ ability to plan, prepare for and effectively perform in two competitive physical activities at National 5 level and one at National 4 and National 3 levels.

Course assessment

N5 Component 1: Portfolio (50% of the grade)

A written element worth 60 Marks that requires the learners to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of two aspects of their own performance development and the required process through one activity. Component 2: Performance (50% of the grade)

Learners are assessed in two, single performances, both performances are marked out of 30. Each performance must be in a different activity.


N4 The course has two internally assessed units (performance skills & factors impacting performance) and an added value unit. It is assessed on a pass/fail basis and learners must pass both units and the added value unit to achieve a full course award.


N3 The course has two internally assessed units (performance skills & factors impacting performance) and is assessed on a pass/fail basis. Learners must pass both units to achieve a full course award.

Progression:  Learners who achieve an A or B pass at National 5 may consider Higher PE. Learners who achieve a C or D pass may consider NPA Exercise & Fitness Leadership (level 6). Learners transitioning from school to college will be well placed to pursue courses in Leisure and Recreation, Sports Science and other sport related courses.