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NPA Sport & Fitness (SCQF Level 5)

NPA Sport & Fitness (SCQF LEVEL 5) – New for 2022/23!

This National Progression Award at SCQF Level 5 (equivalent to a National 5) will improve your skills and knowledge relating to sports participation, organisation, officiating and coaching. 

What you will experience

There are three units available which must be completed to achieve the NPA.  For some of the units, teamwork will be involved, but all candidates must play a full part as it is the work/contribution of each individual that will be assessed.  The units are designed to underpin the knowledge and skills required by employers, and are closely linked to the National Occupational Standards for each of the subject areas covered in the units.  Units are as follows:

  • Participation and Performance
  • Sports Officiating & Organisation
  • Sports Coaching Development


The specific unit content is detailed below


Unit 1 – Participation & Performance

  • Skills and Techniques
  • Code of Conduct
  • Appropriate attire
  • Teacher takes pupils through practical sessions, focused on a variety of skill development (minimum of 20 hours).
  • Complete tasks in booklet to show evaluation of performance.


Unit 2 – Sports Officiating and Organising

·         Description of rules of the game

·         Actions of officials

·         Safety requirements

·         Plan for a tournament

·         Implement and carry out tournament

·         Evaluate tournament.

·         Demonstrate ability to officiate matches (in tournament)

·         Keep a record of officiating in booklet


Unit 3 – Sports Coaching Development

·         Understanding of effective and ineffective coaching

·         Awareness of Data Protection and Child Protection

·         Risk Assessment

·         Gather Participant information (Outcome 1)

·         Plan Coaching Session

·         Deliver four sessions

·         Evaluate sessions and plan next steps

Entry Requirements:  This course is designed to provide progression for learners who have passed N4 Physical Education but have nor demonstrated the potential to achieve a N5 Physical Education Qualification.

It may also provide an entry level course for learners with the application and motivation to pursue a qualification in a fitness related course. Successful candidates may progress to NPA Exercise & Fitness.