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NPA Exercise & Fitness


The sport and fitness industry is becoming more regulated, and employers and insurance tends towards professional recognition for many positions.  It is therefore seen as very important that candidates are as well prepared as they can be.  Throughout the course you will undergo significant personal development and gain valuable skills in organisation, planning and leadership – essential for your future progression within education and/or employment.


This National Progression Award at SCQF Level 6 (equivalent to a Higher) will improve your skills and knowledge relating to sport and fitness.  You will be introduced to the rationale behind the use of circuit, cardiovascular and fixed weight training techniques, and equipment used in each exercise type.  You will also develop safe and effective practical skills in these areas.

What you will experience

There are five units available, three of which must be completed to achieve the NPA.  For some of the units, teamwork will be involved, but all candidates must play a full part as it is the work/contribution of each individual that will be assessed.  The units are designed to underpin the knowledge and skills required by employers, and are closely linked to the National Occupational Standards for each of the subject areas covered in the units.  Units are as follows:

  • Exercise and Fitness:  Cardiovascular Training
  • Exercise and Fitness:  Fixed Weight Training
  • Exercise and Fitness:  Circuit Training

The course is designed to enhance your interest in exercise and fitness training, improve personal performance, develop reflective learning, and aid progression to further study of the subject.  During the course you will learn:

  • The main physiological effects of different types of training on the body
  • How to personalise training for selected clients
  • How to identify advantages and disadvantages of a range of training methods

·         How to give a rationale for the selection of exercises


On successful completion of this course you will be able to identify safe and effective exercises, and describe their advantages and disadvantages.  You will also be able to demonstrate and evaluate both the exercises and their own technical abilities, together with personal and facility equipment relating to the selected activities.


As well as this, you will build a valuable understanding of health and safety in the workplace.

You will be taught using a range of methods and technologies – this includes practical participation work, group work and theory based classroom teaching.  The course will also be supported via the use of the AMAC trainings website and free materials.

  • To achieve the full qualification, you must attend regularly and successfully complete all unit work and assessments expected.  Assessments will be carried out using a range of formative and summative approaches including observation of practical performance, closed book assessment and review of case studies.  Assessment is carried out on an ongoing basis, meaning there are no end of course exams.
  • How to demonstrate cardiovascular, fixed weight and circuit training exercises
  • How to evaluate personal performance

Entry Requirements:  This course is designed to provide progression for learners who have passed NPA Sport & Fitness or National 5 Physical Education and have an interest in gaining a leadership qualification through exercise and fitness training.

Learners must have completed one of the afore mentioned courses in order to have the necessary knowledge and understanding required for the units and overall course material. An element of independent study and planning is required to undertake this course.