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The Waid Academy

Leadership Team

Mr Scott Duncan  (Rector)

Mrs Sabrina Ferguson (Depute Rector) 

Mr Stuart Logan (Depute Rector)

Ms Andrea Spence (Acting Depute Rector)

Miss Dawn Redman (Business Manager) 

Mrs Rachel Cunningham (Admin Co-ordinator)



 Miss Claire Wrigley (PTC Language Faculty) 

Ms Victoria Nash (PT1 Literacy)

  • English 
  • French 

Mr Stuart Letham (PTC Maths and Computing) 

  • Computing 
  • Maths 

Mr Sandy Baird (PTC Social Subjects Faculty) 

  • Geography 
  • History 
  • Modern Studies 
  • RMPS 
  • Psychology
  • Business Studies 

Miss Gillian Ogilvie (PTC STEM Faculty) 

Mr Mark McInally (PT1 Technologies) 

  • Biology 
  • Chemistry 
  • Environmental Science
  • Phyics
  • CDT

Ms Jacqueline Smith (PTC Expressive Arts Faculty) 

  • Art and Design 
  • Drama 
  • Music

Mr Gary Cunningham  (PTC Health and Wellbeing Faculty) 

  • Dance
  • Physical Education
  • HE/CFT



Mr Desmond McGuigan (PT Pupil Support - St Andrew House) 

Mrs Irene Henderson (PT Pupil Support - St Adrian House) 

Ms Catherine O'Donnell (PT Pupil Support - St David House) 

Ms Andrea Spence  (PTC Support Services) 

Ms Emma Woods (Acting PT Pupil Support - St Adrian House 0.2)