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The Waid Academy

Leadership Team

Mr Scott Duncan  (Rector)

. Year Head for S5/6

 Mrs Sabrina Ferguson (Depute Rector) 

  • Support 
  • Year Head for S1

Mr Stuart Logan (Depute Rector)

  • Curriculum 
  • Year Head for S2/3/4 

Miss Dawn Redman (Business Manager) 

Mrs Rachel Cunningham (Admin Co-ordinator)



 Miss Claire Wrigley (PTC Language Faculty) 

  • English 
  • French 

Mr Stuart Letham (PTC Maths and Computing) 

  • Computing 
  • Maths 

Mr Sandy Baird (PTC Social Subjects Faculty) 

  • Geography 
  • History 
  • Modern Studies 
  • RMPS 
  • Psychology

Miss Gillian Ogilvie (PTC Sciences Faculty) 

  • Biology 
  • Chemistry 
  • Environmental Science
  • Phyics

Ms Jacqueline Smith (PTC Expressive Arts Faculty) 

  • Art and Design 
  • Drama 
  • Music

Mr Mark McInally & Ms Nicola Corlett (PTC Technologies Faculty) (Acting) 

  • Business Education 
  • Consumer and Food Technology 
  • Design and Manufacture 
  • Engineering Science
  • Graphic Communication 
  • Practical Cookery (Hospitality)
  • Practical Cake Craft 
  • Practical Woodworking 

Mrs Jaclyn Craig  (PTC Health and Wellbeing Faculty) (Acting) 

  • Dance
  • Physical Education



Mr Desmond McGuigan (PT Pupil Support - St Andrew House) 

Mrs Irene Henderson (PT Pupil Support - St Adrian House) 

Ms Catherine O'Donnell (PT Pupil Support - St David House) 

Ms Andrea Spence  (PTC Support Services)