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The Waid Academy

Higher Drama


The course enables candidates to develop and use a range of complex drama skills and production skills. Candidates develop practical skills in creating and presenting drama, and knowledge and understanding of historical, social and cultural influences on drama. They analyse and evaluate how the use of self-expression, language and movement can develop their ideas for drama. They also develop critical-thinking skills as they investigate, develop and apply a range of complex drama skills and production skills. The course enables candidates to:

·         generate and communicate thoughts and ideas when creating drama

·         develop a knowledge and understanding of the historical, social and cultural influences on drama

·         develop complex skills in presenting and analysing drama

·         develop knowledge and understanding of complex production skills when presenting drama

·         explore drama form, structure, genre and style

Theatre production: Text in context

Candidates analyse

A selected text in the context of theatre production. Students explore the text practically and through extended writing showing an understanding of how the text could be communicated to an audience through performance.

Performance analysis

Candidates analyse and evaluate a live or recorded ‘live’ theatrical performance responding on directorial concepts and production elements with an appreciation of audience impact.


The practical unit allows candidates to draw on, extend and apply the skills, knowledge and understanding they have learned during the course. The performance assesses candidates’ preparation and performance of a textual extract from a full-length play. Candidates are assessed in an acting or directing or design role

Course Assessment

Candidates’ overall grades are determined by their performance across the course assessment.


Question Paper 40% Learners will complete a written response based on texts and live performances studied throughout the course.


Practical 60% Candidates will perform to an examiner their performance or production role.


Depending on all of the above, pupils should be able to progress to presentation at Advanced Higher, for which an A or B at Higher Drama is desirable


Career Opportunities All employers look for employees who can take initiative, think on their feet, collaborate with others and solve problems as well as employees who show confidence and can communicate well with those around them. Drama is a useful subject for careers involving working with people, education, sales, theatre and law.