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The Waid Academy

Higher Applications of Maths


The aim of this course is to build on students’ previous experience in Mathematics. This course builds upon the skills covered at National 5 level, offering a chance to improve statistical literacy, event planning & tracking and more in-depth financial management.

Entry Requirements:

·         National 5 Applications of Maths – A/B

·         For Candidates with a Nat 5 C – Entrance to Higher Applications of Maths would be dependent on potential 2 year Higher.

Course Content: The course is made up of 3 units:

Statistics & Probability

Develop and apply a range of statistical techniques. An element of this is produced through a project that forms part of the overall grade for the course.


Build upon previously learned financial terms, applying them to the purposes and principles of borrowing money, saving money and taxation.

Planning & Decision Making

Using information to effectively plan situations, using critical paths and risk to make informed decisions.


Pupils will sit an assessment in two parts – the first part will take the form of a statistics report. This report will be completed during class time and will provide up to 30 marks (of the 110 available altogether). The second part will be an end of year exam, undertaken in the exam hall. This part will produce the other 80 marks and will cover some statistics as well as content from the other two units.