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Enterprise and Business - Level 6



Course Description

The Enterprise and Business course is relevant to anyone interested in Business or an interest in starting their own business. The focus of the qualification is on pre-enterprise activity, with the aim of developing the knowledge and skills required to start a business.




Course Structure

The NPA consists of five Units. Each Unit can be certificated separately

Business Formation: an Introduction (FJ3F12)

This Unit focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to move a business idea to the start-up stage. Pupils learn about different types of business models, finance and sources of help required to be successful in starting a business

Business Skills and Behaviours (FJ3J 12)

This Unit enables pupils to enhance the skills and behaviours necessary for success in business. The skills in this Unit are transferable and would therefore benefit anyone operating in a business environment

Business Formation: Commercial Aspects and the Law (FJ3K 12)

This Unit introduces pupils to the relevant legal considerations when starting a business. Pupils learn about contractual agreements, regulations that need to be complied with and sources of legal assistance for business start up

Finance and E-Business (FJ3H 12)

This Unit introduces pupils to sources of funding and financial advice for a new business, and the importance of the accurate management of finance within a business. Pupils will learn about a range of financial options available to new businesses including

Business Formation: Developing a Business Idea (FJ3G 12)

In this Unit, pupils research a proposed business idea and begin the planning process for a new business. Pupils will learn the importance of effective marketing strategies, a positive business identity, and customer care


Learners who achieve the NPA:

• Acquire knowledge and skills required to support business start-up

• Improve work related skills and qualities

• May progress to Business related qualifications at SCQF level 7

• May progress to SCQF level 6+ vocational qualifications