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The S3 Physics course is based around 4th Level Experiences & Outcomes from Curriculum for Excellence.


In the Units learners develop skills of scientific inquiry, investigation and analytical thinking, along with knowledge and understanding. Learners will apply these skills considering the applications on our lives, as well as the implications on society/the environment. This can be done using a variety of approaches, including investigation and problem solving.


Unit 1 - Dynamics & Space

The Unit covers the key areas of speed and acceleration, relationships between forces, motion and energy, satellites and cosmology.


Unit 2 - Waves & Radiation

The Unit covers the key areas wave characteristics, sound, electromagnetic spectrum and nuclear radiation.


Unit 3 - Electricity & Energy

The Unit covers the key areas of generation of electricity, electrical power, electromagnetism, practical electrical and electronic circuits, gas laws and the kinetic model.


Learners will research issues, apply scientific skills and communicate information related to their findings, which will develop skills of scientific literacy.


Added Value Unit

In this Unit, learners will draw on and extend the skills they have learned from across the other Units, and demonstrate the breadth of knowledge and skills acquired, in unfamiliar contexts and/or integrated ways.