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In S3, learners have the opportunity select Physical Education and begin studying the concepts underpinning performance development in greater depth. This provides preparation for studying National Physical Education in S4.

The course seeks to develop learners understanding of performance development as well as key aspects of activities, such as tactics, principles of play, scoring systems and skill development. In addition, learners will aim to improve practical performance by studying the mental, emotional, social and physical factors that impact performance through a range of activities such as Athletics, Gymnastics, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Handball and Hockey. Learners will work towards developing their own fitness and skill levels in preparation for a one off, single performance at the end of S3.

The course contains a theoretical element which analyses factors which impact on performance and learners will gather data, explore training approaches and monitor the development of their individual performance.

This section of the course will be developed through the completion of a written workbook and weekly homework.

Learners choosing the course must understand its physical demands and must be committed to participating in four practical periods of PE each week arriving prepared with kit on each occasion


Skills Development:

Pupils who study Physical Education in S3 will develop the following skills:

  • Movement and performance skills/competencies in a range of activities
  • Knowledge and application of basic approaches for improving or refining skills, fitness, performance composition and tactics.
  • Knowledge and implementation of the basic principles that underpin performance
  • Creating movements and sequences
  • Planning and implementing solutions in straightforward performance situations
  • Reflecting on the factors impacting on performance and monitoring performance
  • Working independently and collaboratively within teams to develop thinking and interpersonal skills
  • Analysing, planning, decision making and problem-solving skills