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The Waid Academy

Modern Studies

Why study Modern Studies?

We use the study of Politics, Society and International Relations to enable pupils to become better-informed citizens. The skills you will develop in our subject will help you gather information effectively, evaluate that information and, most importantly, help you make up your own mind and come to your own conclusions about the key issues of the modern world. 


As well as getting a chance to learn more about the world around you, how issues are reported, and how this world can be changed, Modern Studies is a useful preparation for many careers:






Social work



The Armed Services



What will you study?

In S3, you will study a variety of topics to get a breadth of knowledge and understanding and develop skills that will enable you to detect bias, exaggeration and assess the accuracy of various sources of information. Study themes are focused on three key areas:


Political Issues: Pressure Groups in Scotland and the UK. 


How individuals and groups exert influence in a democracy? The rights and responsibilities of pressure groups? How do pressure groups achieve their aims, and are they good for democracy? 


Social Issues:  Crime & Law in Scotland and the UK


What causes crime, and how does it affect people?  How does our system deal with criminals and is this the most effective way?


International Issues: Gun Control in the USA


What rights do citizens in the USA have? Why is gun control an issue in the USA? What can be done to reduce gun violence? 


How will you be assessed?

The S3 course will help prepare you for continuing with the subject to National 4 or National 5 in S4.  You will be assessed through continuous assessment and homework assignments, with an exam in S3 and a final exam in May of your S4. You will also complete an investigation on a Modern Studies topic of your choice, which can be used as the basis of your National 4 Added Value Unit or National 5 Assignment.  This project will be an opportunity for you to examine an issue in more depth.