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Mathematics and numeracy are both important subjects for life and work. Many careers require and rely on different aspects of this subject every day and a good qualification in Maths will increase employability.


Maths is used in more obvious career choices such as Joinery, Plumbing, Banking, Engineering, Teaching, Medicine and Law. Did you know that mathematics plays a big part in careers such as Animation, Special Effects, Computer Games Design, Forensic Science and Architecture? 


For more information on careers that use Maths please visit


What will I study in S3? 

mathscareers.org.uk or plusmaths.org


Continuing with the Broad General Education experienced in S1 and S2 learners in S3 Mathematics will be studying courses that aim to build upon and extend prior knowledge. Learners will be actively encouraged to further develop higher order thinking skills and decision making to enable them to problem solve and integrate mathematical knowledge.


An emphasis will be placed on Numeracy, course work tasks and mathematical challenges to develop skills for learning, life and work.


Regular checks on progress will be made throughout the year using self and peer assessment as well as class and year group assessment.


Decisions will be taken as to the most appropriate pathway through Maths. Students will be able to study:


  • Maths
  • Applications of Maths


There is the possibility that some learners will be given the opportunity to study both the Maths and the Applications of Maths courses. This could potentially lead to them being allowed to sit either one of the exams or both.


In addition to the Mathematics or Applications qualification it is also possible to achieve the Numeracy Qualification at both National 4 & 5 as a standalone unit.