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Why should you take Geography?

There has never been a better or more important time to study Geography. With growing interest in issues such as climate change, migration and environmental degradation Geography is one of the most relevant courses you could choose to study. Geography helps us understand how people and the environment are changing.


Whatever your passion for the world, Geography will provide you with knowledge and skills that will reward you personally and help you into a career. The skills developed can be transferred into areas such as teaching, farming, travel and also jobs in the thriving environmental sector. 


What will you study in S3?

The S3 Geography course presents you with an opportunity to learn more about the world we    live in, to study issues which affect our lives and the ways in which we interact with our environment. You will also have the opportunity to get out the classroom and do some fieldwork, allowing you to learn more about your local area.  The course includes:


Physical Geography



Weather and Climate


Human Geography 

Farming Landscapes

Urban/City Landscapes 




International Issues 

Climate Change

Health Geography


Enquiry and investigating skills



 Processing information

How will you be assessed?


The course involves continuous assessment with an exam at the end of S3. This will help prepare pupils for carrying on to National 4 or National 5 in S4. The variety of topics covered will allow you to discover your particular areas of interest and help you decide what you would like to study in more depth for your assignment (a vital part of all Senior courses in Geography).