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The Waid Academy

Business Education

Broad General Education – S3

Course Description


The Business Management course provides an opportunity to further enhance the knowledge and skills developed from study of the S1/2 CFE Business course.


The purpose of the course is to highlight the way in which organisations operate and the steps that they take to achieve their goals, this will be done through combining practical and theoretical aspects of business learning through the use of real-life business contexts. 


The course aims to enable learners to develop: 


  • knowledge and understanding of the way society relies on business to satisfy our needs
  • an insight into the systems organisations use to ensure customers’ needs are met
  • enterprising skills and enterprising attributes by participating in activities in realistic business situations, and an understanding of financial awareness through a business context
  • an insight into how organisations organise their resources for maximum efficiency
  • an understanding of the steps taken by organisations to improve their overall performance
  • an awareness of how external influences impact on organisations, including economic impact


Course Progression


The course will provide opportunities for progression in the senior phase of the school to study the following subjects:

  • National 4 – Business
  • National 5 – Business Management
  • Higher – Business Management

Career Opportunities


These courses will be of benefit to anyone considering studying a business-related course at college or university