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Biology is the science of life and is therefore one of the broadest subjects you can study. From microorganisms that are too small to be seen by the naked eye to the gigantic heart of the blue whale, biologists study life on every scale. You can find Biologists working in hospitals, zoos, the heart of the rainforest and even on the International Space Station - biology really can take you anywhere!

As biology is an extensive, interdisciplinary subject it can support the study of other sciences, maths, geography and psychology. The knowledge and skills gained through studying biology open a vast range of opportunities for both higher education and careers based in STEM and beyond.

The biology department at Waid Academy aims to give you a deeper understanding of the natural world and life itself. Our biology teachers have experience in a broad range of subdisciplines which enables them to help you study biology from many different perspectives.




The purpose of the Course is to develop learners’ interest and enthusiasm for biology in a range of contexts. The skills of scientific inquiry and investigation are developed, throughout the Course, by investigating the applications of biology. This will enable learners to become scientifically literate citizens, able to review the science-based claims they will meet. 


This course or its units may provide progression to:

  • Further education programmes  
  • Higher education programmes
  • Training or employment.

A high level of commitment and very good attendance are a pre-requisite of success in this course.  It is important to remember that personal study, both at home and in school, is an important element of the course, and that learners must make every effort to attend extra-curricular after-school support classes. 

Recommended Entry:  While entry is at the discretion of the centre, pupils would normally have obtained a National 4 in Biology, or National 5 in Chemistry or Physics.