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The Waid Academy

Computing Games Development

National Progression Award - Aims and Course Structure


In recent years, the gaming industry has become a vastly growing market. Games are played on many different devices and range from educational to recreational and work-based training. A game can be a quick puzzle on a mobile phone or a multi-player game with a console interacting with many players from all over the world. 


A game can be created at home by an inexperienced programmer or by a professional who works collaboratively in a team of people that have not met. In Scotland there are more than 50 companies, mostly based in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. These companies rely on a range of creative skills such as art, design, animation, audio and programming. 



The course consists of 3 units which, when all successfully completed, will give a group National Progression Award (NPA) at SCQF level 4.


The 3 units are 

•      Computer Games: Design 

•      Computer Games: Media Assets 

•      Computer Games: Development 



The Computer Games Development unit can be studied from level 4 onto level 5 then level 6. These units are also completed as part of the Digital Media course in S5/6.