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AH History


The aims of the Advanced Higher History course are to acquire depth in the knowledge and understanding of historical themes and to develop skills of analysing issues, development and events, drawing conclusions and evaluating sources.


Course Outline:  A field of study designed around a series of historical themes.


Field of Study:  Northern Britain from the Romans to 1034 AD


Topics covered include:                Celtic Societies north of Hadrian’s Wall

                                                                The Roman invasions and their effects

                                                                The changing beliefs of people in Scotland

                                                                The Picts – society and culture                  

                                                                The Vikings in Scotland                                                 

                                                          The Unification of Scotland



·         Internal Assessment

·         Dissertation - 50 marks (4000 words)

·         Examination (3 hours) – 90 marks


Progression:  As for Higher History, a qualification at Advanced Higher is an excellent base from which to build a successful career in History, Law, Languages, Journalism, Museums, Teaching, Business Management, the Civil Service, Town and Country Planning and a host of other career pathways.