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AH Geography


Aims of the Course

Advanced Higher Geography builds on the work carried out at Higher Geography. It gives you the opportunity to develop a high level of skill in independent study, co-operative learning, objective thinking and the ability to communicate clearly and confidently. You will gain expertise in the use of a range of maps, diagrams, fieldwork techniques and IT.

The course aims to give you a detailed understanding of many aspects of the contemporary world which are of concern to all citizens. You will gain understanding of the ways in which people and the environment interact in response to physical and human processes and systems and gain a geographical perspective on environmental issues.

Recommended Entry Students would normally be expected to have attained a pass in Higher Geography.

Unit 1 – Geographical Methods and Techniques

This unit enables you to build on the skills and methods which are developed throughout the Geography curriculum from National Level to Higher. It involves three different ‘skill areas’ – fieldwork techniques, statistical techniques and map interpretation skills. This unit will be assessed in the final exam and will contribute 30% of the final grade.

Unit 3 – Geographical Issues

This unit deals with the analysis of key ‘Geographical Issues’ from the Environmental Interactions unit of Higher Geography. Candidates must produce an essay on their chosen ‘Geographical Issue’, critically evaluating three different viewpoints. The finished product is marked externally and contributes 30% of the final grade

Unit 2 – Geographical Study

In this unit you are required to plan, research and analyse a topic in depth and present your findings in a report. The choice of topic is open with candidates choosing to investigate further any Geography topic or theme that they find particularly interesting. The finished product is marked externally and contributes 40% of the final grade.

Internal Assessment

Evidence will be gathered throughout the course and internal assessments will be undertaken.

External Assessment

Pupils will send off a 'folio' of work consisting of their Geographical Study and Issue. This is marked by external examiners and accounts for 70% of their final grade.

There is also an SQA exam which tests map interpretation and data handling questions. This accounts for the remaining 30% of their award