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AH English


The course leading to Advanced Higher has been designed to develop further those skills acquired at Higher English level.  The course also acts as a bridge between school and Higher Education by preparing pupils for independent learning and by refining research and writing skills.

Pupils who opt for this course should know that it requires dedication to hard work as well as a love of language and literature.  A pass at Advanced Higher in English shows that the student has developed skills of a very high order and has demonstrated considerable knowledge of the subject matter.

All candidates must complete a dissertation, a writing portfolio and both literature papers.

Entry Requirements Higher English preferably at grade A or B


External Assessment

Dissertation – 2,500-3,000 words on a candidate’s choice of literature – 30% of final grade

Writing portfolio – Two pieces of writing from any two different genres – 30% of final grade

External Examination

Critical essay on literature studied in class – 90 minutes - 20% of final grade

Textual Analysiscritique of a piece of unseen text – 90 minutes – 20% of final grade

Internal Assessment

Students must pass the following unit assessments over the course of the year:

Analysis and Evaluation of Literary Texts

Creation and Production

English is a preferred subject for most University courses and is relevant to all career areas.  Advanced Higher is an excellent option for S6 students who want to pursue a love of language and literature.  It is an essential preparatory course for those intending to study English at University but also offers the more scientifically minded another impressive Advanced Higher to add to their list!